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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Pipeline

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Regardless of what industry you’re in, getting the most of your sales pipeline is vital to the lifeblood of any successful organization. But we get it - you’re busy with a million other projects and multi-tasking the day away. While your current system is (hopefully) bringing you abundance, it might be time to reevaluate. You can double down on what’s working and rethink what’s not, beyond your standard yearly review. And while that’s a project in itself, even using one of the tips below can immediately improve your system.

1. Prioritize tasks with the help of your CRM.

What are your goals for this quarter? If they involve closing a certain number of accounts or brining on x number of clients, you can use your CRM to scan and organize profiles based on their stage in the sales cycle. Ranking them by category, your CRM can create harmony where chaos previously reigned.

If you have a different goal, let’s say getting a certain number of new subscribers, your CRM can also do a quick search to assess the qualified leads captured by your website. When you have a data-based to do list of potential client names in front of you, you’ll be unstoppable.

2. Improve the quality of your leads with automated tools.

Does it really matter if you have 10,000 new leads if only 50 of those are actually a good fit for your product or service? Based on a predetermined set of factors, your CRM can help crawl existing data points and assign value to profiles that best fit your target audience.

3. Streamline administrative tasks to save time and potential sales.

Yet another easy way to save time and valuable brain power. Set your CRM to the task of completing mundane checklist items. Depending on your system these could include: triggered email campaigns, auto-filling phone numbers, emails, social links, and/or relevant addresses to existing customer profiles, and many more.

4. Follow up on fresh leads twice as fast.

By adjusting a few simple settings, messages you used to manually write and send can now be completed for you by establishing a set of triggers. These triggers know to follow up a certain customer action, like signing up for a free trial or requesting a meeting, with the corresponding communication. And if you’ve already set up your other CRM features to auto update files, this information can be captured and noted without any additional effort on your part.

5. Make nurturing existing leads easier.

Not only can you use email to respond to your clients in real time, nurturing leads can also become a smooth-sailing journey from here on out with the adjustment of a few presets. Even if your managing dozens of accounts at a time, your client will appreciate a customized email - even if that customization was created by an auto-fill of information. People like to feel taken care of so let your CRM help you do just that.

Besides what we covered above, getting the most out of your pipeline is really all about maximizing your existing CRM. If your current software doesn’t offer the features above, consider checking out what we have to offer here at Onsite. Click to learn more about our enterprise level CRM solution now.

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