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Dynamic & All-Inclusive Solar CRM

Onsite CRM for Solar Companies

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most valuable software systems that any solar business can implement. It will have a more significant effect on lead conversion and long term results than any one employee. A mistake that a lot of companies make is they try to implement a CRM system that is too complicated for employees to use or not industry-specific. Onsite CRM gives you access to industry specific features to streamline solar process from sales to installation. 


Onsite CRM is intuitive and user friendly. Your lead conversion workflow is organized into step by step tabs to make the sales process easy. Onsite CRM also is easy for admins and managers to use. Our team of experts imports your data that is already being used and future data can be easily imported and exported from the software. Save thousands of dollars and save time by automating the quoting, tracking, scheduling, documenting, and submission of STC claims forms.

Have greater control over your leads with prioritized lead view. Never miss out on a lead opportunity or let leads fall through the cracks. Onsite CRM can create quick, professional quotes that can be sent to the customer in a click of a button. Provide solar benefit analyses for the customer and track pricing for sales orders.


Get automated compliance with Onsite CRM. Sync with current financing and rebates to make incentives known to customers and send the forms to e-sign with SignByX prior to installation. Onsite CRM compiles job packs for installers to minimize installation issues and make the process seamless.

Onsite CRM is a secure cloud based platform utilizing private servers for all our clients. Our servers are SSNCC encrypted for data security and confidentiality. Being that it is cloud-based, Onsite CRM can go anywhere that you go. Onsite CRM is mobile friendly and responsive to your screen size and device.


Get real time reports from your data. Track individual user performance, top sales campaigns, high performing groups, speed to contact, and conversion rates to ensure your business is growing with a high level of profitability.

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