Lead Management Features of Onsite CRM

Lead management is one such feature that helps track and optimize the entire sales process while managing prospective accounts. Sometimes referred to as account acquisition management or contact management, it generally encompasses the following processes:


Add New Lead

Customized forms are created to save information of each Lead. These forms can be used also to view Leads individually and edit or update information. To quickly add a new lead, click on the green "+" icon on the right hand side of the top navigation bar, as seen on the above right image.


Import Leads

If you have a file (preferably CSV file) that contains lead information, you can simply import it on the CRM and OnSite CRM will save it for you with managerial permissions.

To import leads, go to the "Leads" top navigation dropdown and choose "Import Leads." This option takes you to settings where you can indicate what file you would like to import and specify the import type.

Export Leads

You may also export Leads information from your CRM for a number of reasons. OnSite CRM allows you to map the fields you need to be exported and a file will be downloaded on your system.

To import leads, go to the "Leads" top navigation dropdown and choose "Export Leads." This option takes you to settings where you can edit the elements of the export data you wish to export and download the data.

Search Leads & Lead View

A list of all leads is always accessible via the "Leads" dropdown. "Prioritized View" shows the list of leads for each individual sales rep. "Lead Pool" displays the leads that are not assigned to any single sales rep and are available to acquire. Both list views are searchable and have the filter bar at the top of the list that will customize your search result depending on the filter you set on the page.

Another way to filter the list is by clicking on the top table options such as "Lead Created" for the list to sort by earliest or latest date created.

If you are searching for a particular lead, the search icon in the top right hand side of the top navigation bar will bring up a search bar to type a specific name into the search bar.


Viewing & Managing Individual Leads

Once you understand how to view and use the general lead management features, there are additional elements that pertain to the individual and specific lead view.


View Specific Leads

To view leads individually and edit each profile workflow, choose the eyeball icon to the right of the lead you wish to view under the "Actions" table column. This brings you to the individual lead profile where you see similar actions.

Icons Explained

  • Eyeball: View Lead
  • Calendar: Schedule Calendar Event for Specific Lead
  • Phone: Call Lead
  • Message: Send SMS Text Message to Lead
  • Envelope: Send Email to Lead
  • Trashcan: Delete Lead

Add Notes

OnSite CRM users can leave notes during a call or at any time to update lead information. The note will be saved to the lead, which prevents future searching for lead details or looking through all notes. You can view notes under the add notes area on the lead sidebar. You can add notes by typing in the "Add notes..." text area and by pressing "Add." Users are able to later edit & delete notes by clicking the edit and delete buttons.