Manage Calendar Events with OnSite CRM

Manage Calendar Events

Menu: Admin > Manage Calendar Events

This section allows you to view all scheduled events, create a new event, and modify an existing event. These events will be visible on the dashboard Calendar for the current month and remind your users with alerts.


How to Add New Event

Adding a calendar event is easy. There are multiple places to add a calendar event. Users can create new events that are either Lead-Based or a General Event and set alerts for event reminders.

After navigating from Admin > Manage Calendar Events, you will find the + Add New Event button in the top right corner of the CRM screen. 

  1. Enter in the event title.
  2. Write a small description.
  3. Set alerts to user.
  4. Set alert date, time, & type.

You may find the need to edit or delete events as things change often in the business world. After navigating from Admin > Manage Calendar Events, you will find the Edit and Delete buttons to the right of each event in the calendar list.

Adding a Calendar Event via Dashboard

Another way to add an event is from the home page dashboard. Use the top middle schedule area and click on the calendar icon to bring up the add new event popup. Enter in the information as desired. You can also set a specific time if your event is on the current day by clicking on the green "+" button.

Adding Calendar Events via Lead Detail Page

Another way to add appointments to a specific lead is through the Lead View and Lead Detail pages. To add a calendar event on the lead view page, simply click on the purple calendar icon to add an event for that individual.

Another way is to view the lead by clicking on the blue eyeball icon and then finding the purple circle button with the calendar to schedule an appointment.

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