Manage Company Settings with Onsite CRM

Accessing Company Settings

Menu: Settings > Company Settings

To access company settings, use the "Settings" dropdown navigation and select "Company Settings." This option is only accessible to users that have the appropriate permissions.

Company Profile / General Settings

In the "General Settings" tab of the Company Settings, users with permissions are able to edit the company name, company email, phone, and other company-wide settings. Each CRM will have slight variations under the Company Profile Settings determined by preferences & industry.


Company Email Settings

Many companies have company-wide email settings for users. Under the "Email Settings" tab, users with the adequate permissions are able to enter in the company email settings.

Personal email accounts and settings can be changed in the "Manage Users" area of the CRM under the "Admin" dropdown or via "My Settings" in the dropdown from his or her profile avatar.

Please Note: If using GMAIL as the email host, needs to visit this link and turn it "ON" so our server can connect to gmail hosted email.


Convert to Account

Within the Company Settings, users with the right permissions can determine at what point a lead is converted to an account. In most cases, it is when a contract is signed, or similar. To access this area of the CRM, go to the "Convert to Account" tab in Company Settings.


Setting Commissions for Users

Some companies offer commissions for deals that are closed by users. Managerial users or those with above permissions are able to manipulate the overall commissions via the "Commission" tab under "Company Settings"

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