Manage Lead Documents & Document Mapping with Onsite CRM

Manage Lead Documents

Menu: Admin > Manage Lead Documents

Administrators have the option to upload important documents that apply to the lead details page in multiple file formats including: images, pdf, doc, etc. 

There are two categories for lead documents:

  1. Common Templates. This category is set up by managers in the system. These templates automatically populate with new lead information if the lead document is designated under this category.    
  2. Specific Documents. This category includes documents that are lead specific. Pictures, scanned documents, and any other documents for a certain lead would fall into this category.

Upload New Documents

You have the ability to update, map, download and delete documents anytime in the manage lead documents section. A manager or above can upload a document to be defined as a doc that will be auto populated when a user selects that doc in the lead details page. When it is selected, it will populate the document automatically from the fields in the system

Steps for Document Mapping:

  1. Select "Map" (the orange lined icon) to start document mapping.
  2. Select the field type & name the field.
  3. Set X-Y coordinates for the field.
  4. Input the page number for the fields on document.
  5. Select lead field for the field from the list of available information on the dropdown options.