Manage Milestones with Onsite CRM

Managing Milestones

Menu > Admin > Manage Milestones

Milestones are triggers that cause a series of events to occur depending on your preferences. Examples of milestones would be contact attempts, lead converted to account, etc.

Adding Milestones

To add a new milestone, hit the "+Add New Milestone" button and add a title & description. Milestones also play a large part in reporting. 


How to Assign Statuses to Milestones

Menu: Admin > Manage Statuses

After creating a status, you have the ability to attach statuses to milestones. This feature prompts email triggers, status changes, or other actions that are associated with milestones. To assign statuses to milestones, click the dark blue mail icon in the right hand column of the status view. Here you are able to assign and remove milestones to the selected status.

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