Manage Sign by X on Onsite CRM

Managing Sign by X

Menu: Admin > Manage Sign by X

Sign by X allows OnSite CRM to send documents directly to the end user's email so client leads can sign contracts or other important documents easily and seamlessly. Once the document is signed, OnSite CRM will be notified regarding the document status such as “Sent, Delivered, and Completed." Agents can easily manage documents on OnSite CRM with this automated process from the Admin dropdown.

Add, Edit, Map & Download Agreements

In the Manage Sign by X setting, you are able to upload, map out PDF signature fields, download the document, or delete the document all together.

How to Map PDF Files via Sign by X on Onsite CRM

The Sign by X can add and map any number of fields based on the amount of fillable fields needed in the document.

There are 3 types of fields:

  • Text     
  • Date    
  • Sign

Steps to Map Fields:

  1. Upload SignByX (pdf).
  2. Add fields as shown in the screenshot below.
  3. Select field type, enter field name
  4. Set X-Y coordinates, the width, and the height of the field, and the page number it is located on the pdf.
  5. Select the desired lead field from the drop down menu that can be mapped.
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