Managing Campaign Sources with OnSite CRM


Manage Campaign Source

Menu: Admin > Manage Campaign Sources

The Manage Campaign Sources section is used to get the information/details of each lead that was acquired from a web form (existing outside the CRM system). This helps you track your campaign progress and efficiency.


Adding, Editing, & Deleting Campaign Sources

Web lead sources can be tracked by OnSite CRM via the Manage Campaign Sources option. After navigating from Settings > Administration > Manage Users, you will find the + Add Campaign button in the top right corner of the CRM screen, or Edit and Delete Campaigns to the right of each lead source in the list. 

  1. Friendly name refers to the name of the lead campaign. Ex: AdWords.
  2. Enter in a description that explains the name. Ex: Google Adwords.
  3. Enter or edit the following fields in the source form.
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