Managing Email Templates with Onsite CRM

Managing Email Templates

Menu: Admin > Manage Email Templates

With the OnSite CRM Email Template manager, you are able to design custom email templates according to you each email campaign. Managers and those with permissions above managerial level are able to create email templates for users to choose from.


Creating New Email Templates

Emails can be sent to leads by creating new email templates from the email template list, by selecting previously made templates, or by editing existing templates. When a manager or someone with above permissions choose "Add Template" the user is able to create an email template as seen below.

Reliable Email Blast Technology

OnSite CRM’s advanced email communication tools are a vital addition for any marketer, giving them the power to personalize and send their marketing communications easily and effectively.

  • Intuitive Editor
  • Detailed Email Marketing Performance Reports
  • List Clean Up Function
  • Mobile Marketing Tools
  • Email Newsletter Templates
  • Automated Bulk Email Sends

Email Features

Onsite CRM helps you email your prospects at the click of a button. To email a Lead, select a lead from the list of leads and choose the orange mail icon to pull up the email popup. Another way to email leads is by choosing the orange circle mail button on individual lead view. Once you select the lead you would like to email, the email options will pop up where you can select schedule and send an email template, edit a template, create a new template to send to the lead.

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