Managing Users with OnSite CRM

Managing Users

Menu: Admin > Manage Users

Users in the CRM can also be referred to as Users/Agents/Reps, amongst others depending on the company industry. Users are the individuals that manage and manipulate leads. Manage users by accessing the Admin dropdown menu. Here, you will find the options to add, delete, edit user information, change user status, alter user passwords, add direct phone lines to users, change user email settings, and choose user affiliates.


Adding a User

Find the + Add New User button in the top right corner of the CRM screen to add a new user. Users in the CRM can be active or inactive users. Monthly software payments to OnSite CRM are determined by the number of active users within the system. The number of users also determines the type of server for performance. Because of this, it is important to notify your contact at OnSite CRM when you add users to your CRM.

User profile Steps

  1. Enter the new user information into the new user form fields.
  2. Username: This username is a unique name for each user in the CRM.
  3. Password: The password is the login and to access each user's CRM account.
  4. User Level: The level assigned to each user (ie: Admin/Manager/Agent)
  5. Make sure that the status is set to "Active" to allow the user to use the system.
  6. Press the orange "Save" button in the upper right hand screen of the CRM.

How to Edit and Delete Users

You may find the need to edit or delete users over time. After navigating from Admin > Manage Users, you will find the Edit and Delete buttons to the right of each user in the user list. However, in order to prevent data loss, it is advisable to simply "Disable" users that are no longer active on the system by editing the user & switching the user from "Active" to "Inactive."

**If you are having issues adding a user, you may have exceeded the number of active users that you have in your plan. In this case, you must contact OnSite CRM in order to increase your number of users.

Role Management Settings for Users

Under the "Role Management" tab in the manage user settings, you are able to select the role of each user. Depending on your industry, the role types may be different. The role assignment customizes CRM features and permissions for each role.

Select the Role of the User. Role management helps you manage authorization, which specifies the resources that users are allowed to access. Role management lets you treat groups of users as a unit by assigning users to roles such as Sales, Accounting, Processing etc.

User Email Settings

Users can send emails to leads from their own email account by providing their email settings under the "Email Settings" tab. Once granted permission, Users can send emails to leads from their own email account by providing their email settings.

Valid email settings should be registered here in order to send emails to leads. The account (company email or personal email) that is provided here will be used to send emails to leads.

*Please Note: Individuals using GMAIL as their email host must visit this link and turn it "ON" so the OnSite CRM servers can connect to GMAIL hosted email.

Managing User Group Settings

Different groups perform different functions. By assigning users to certain groups, permissions change for email, sms text messaging, and phone. This can also be done in "Manage Groups" in the Admin Dropdown.

User Voicemail Settings

Under the voicemail tab, users and managers can upload, record, or choose a pre-recorded company voicemail to leave when using the OnSite CRM dialer.

User Profile Settings

Users are able to update their settings via the dropdown from the avatar on the dashboard. Normal users do not have access to change all user profile because of the role permissions assigned.