Using SMS with Onsite CRM

SMS Features

To text a lead, use the blue message icon in the "Actions" column of the lead view or press the blue circle message button on the individual lead. A SMS text screen will pop up that enables you to send text messages.

Built-in intelligent SMS logic in OnSite CRM allows for local, toll-free, and short-code numbers to be sent globally from one API.


Use a name instead of a number as the sender ID for your outbound messages in many countries. E.g., instead of a string of ten numbers, show “OnSite CRM.”

Toll-Free SMS

Communicate with your customers using your existing toll-free numbers in the US & Canada.

Track Every Message

Confirm message delivery with real time status.

Bi-Directional Unicode

Messages are formatted to support non-English language and characters.


One API that reaches nearly every country.


Automatic queuing of concurrent messages.


Assemble up to 10 messages into one.