Using the OnSite CRM Dashboard

Using the CRM Dashboard

The OnSite CRM dashboard is designed to allow quick access to the most used and most important aspects of each business CRM. Because each CRM is uniquely designed, not all dashboards will look the same. The most common features on the dashboard are the following:

  • Calendar Events
  • Schedule
  • Task Check List
  • Performance Metrics

Typical OnSite Dashboard Features


The calendar on the dashboard allows for quick viewing visual queues of upcoming events that have been scheduled. The current day will show up as a circle in blue. Upcoming events during the month will turn the number of the day with an event red. Scroll through the months by using the left and right arrows.

Dashboard Features

The task checklist at the top right of the dashboard layout helps users manage his or her important tasks. Lead management is one such feature that helps track and optimize the entire sales process. Easily access the lead detail page by pressing the green "+" in the top nav bar to enter in new lead details. Manage profile settings by clicking the avatar to the left of the user's name. View notifications by clicking on the bell icon that shows the red number of unread notifications.


Schedule new events, meetings, calls, etc. These events will be visible on the dashboard Events and remind your users with alerts. Easily add new events by using the small calendar icon in on the upper right hand side of the schedule area. To schedule an event for a specific time on the current day, use the green "+" buttons.

Performance Metrics

The CRM provides detailed analytics, provided by our powerful reporting suite. An overall performance average is shown on the dashboard. Easily access campaigns, individual reporting, group reports, contact and conversion rates, and any other customized reports you want. These reports can be filtered by date & can by exported to an Excel file.