Using the Onsite CRM Dialer

Call Leads Using the Dialer

There are a few ways to contact the lead you wish to dial using the OnSite CRM dialer feature. From the lead view pages, the user can select multiple leads using the checkbox column on the left hand side of the page and pressing the upper right hand green phone button to dial multiple leads in succession. Another way to dial leads are to select the phone icon in the "Actions" column on the right hand side. This prompts the dialer popup for the selected lead in the list. Finally, the user can view the individual lead desired to call by pressing the eyeball icon from the lead view page to the individual lead page. Press or use the phone icon. During the call, the Dialer will pop up that gives you many options during your call.


Dialer Features:

1. Lead information

OnSite CRM dialer allows the user to be on the call while still having all of the editing capabilities on the lead view. After choosing the phone icon, the dialer will appear on the bottom of the screen. On the main panel, it will show primary lead information:

  • Call Status
  • Lead Name
  • Lead Phone Numbe
  • Lead Status
  • Lead Campaign
  • Local CID Phone Number

2. Add notes & Set Call Status

We can set a call status and leave a note during the call. The call status directly affects the dashboard metrics and reporting through contact attempt analytics. The note will get tied to the lead on call and will appear in the "Notes" section on the righthand sidebar for easy viewing.


3. Actions

There are several action buttons which are responsible for handling the current call and call queue. The dialer manages calling a list of leads, which optimizes sales efficiency. The dialer action buttons are explained below:

  • Key Pad (White Key Pad Icon): Allows to dial numbers and extensions if needed.
  • View Lead (Blue Edit Icon): If the leas is existing, then it will open lead in new tab. If it is a new lead, then it will open a blank lead form with phone number already filled.
  • Transfer Call (Orange Side Arrow Icon): User can transfer an on-going call to another agent in or to a manager.
  • Leave Voicemail (Dark Blue Play Icon): User can leave a voicemail during a call. The dialer will complete leaving the voicemail while the user can continue with the next call.
  • Mute (Orange Volume Icon): It will mute the agent in the call.
  • Hold (Orange Pause Icon): It will hold or pause the current call.
  • End Call/Hangup (Red Phone Icon): Hang-up the current call or current call queue. If the user hang-up and still have list of lead in queue. The user can resume call queue later from yellow Next button
  • Lead Call History Info (Green Up Arrow Icon): This button will open a slide up that contains the following information:
    • Contact History (All calls made from all agents to the lead)
    • All My Calls (All calls made by current agent to the lead)
    • Scripts (Predefined templates created by managers)


Through OnSite CRM, the user has the ability to call multiple leads from the "Prioritized View" or "Lead Pool" view under the "Leads" dropdown. A queue will be created by selecting leads using the left hand "Select" column checkboxes, or the user can go down the whole list by hovering over the "Select" and choose "Check All" and then pressing the green phone button in the upper right hand corner of the page. A pop up will appear and CRM will start calling leads one by one once you hit the 'Start Call'.

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