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Best 2016 CRM For Mortgage

CRM For Mortgage Companies

Mortgage companies have some unique tracking and contact needs. Typically a mortgage company needs to contact and follow through with new prospects and existing prospects in various stages of conversion. Mortgage companies also need to contact and follow through with both existing clients and previous clients who may need or want a new loan. While there are many ways to approach initiating and maintaining this type of contact, a good customer relationship management package is your best solution.

The Onsite CRM system not only offers you excellent customer relationship management, we also offer software that can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches by helping to manage all of your contacts simply and efficiently. Not only can we provide you with a state-of-the-art CRM system, but our system goes beyond simply tracking contacts by providing you with an integrated vertical system that handles everything, from first contact right through to the end of the process. The use of a single, integrated, intuitive system will improve your overall efficiency and your bottom line.

A Powerful CRM System

Onsite CRM has the power you need to handle it all. First, we offer you a complete customer relationship management system that allows you to track your leads, inquiries and clients across every department in your company, and even across multiple office locations. This means that anybody in your operation can enter data about a client and everybody else who has access will instantly be able to view and to utilize that information. This keeps your company looking first-rate because everybody is on the same page and the client never has to provide you with the same information twice.

Completely Integrated Verticals

The next big benefit we offer is an integrated mortgage system. Onsite CRM puts everything at your fingertips, making it easy to manage and track calls and results. You no longer need one application for your front office and another one for everybody else. Onsite does it all in a single neat, clean package.

With our integrated verticals you can track a client and get a snapshot of where that client’s account stands. You can easily track not only current status, but also any follow-up that’s been done, what is still required, accounts that need to be escalated and everything else you might need or want. Follow-up is automatic and can easily be done without the need to jump from one system to the next, a great savings of time and money, while at the same time reducing the number of opportunities for errors to be introduced into your data. The less you handle it, the greater the integrity of your data is going to be.

Drip Email Campaigns

We know your emails are important to you, and a great email drip campaign is an important part of your mortgage business. Onsite CRM has partnered with SMTP to give you the best delivery service available for your email campaigns and provide you with the best possible overall experience. SMTP is a top-notch company with over a decade of history delivering emails and making sure they get where they need to go. They are publicly traded and have set the standard that all other email delivery services strive for. Their record is unmatched in the industry. Consider these facts:

SMTP reaches more in boxes than any other service around. It’s a fact that even when clients have requested information, 22% of business emails never make it to the client. SMTP has the highest rate of deliverability in the industry, so don’t let your drip campaigns go down the drain; work with a partner that really delivers. Stop wasting time and money on emails that get dumped into the SPAM folder. Let us make sure your message is delivered to the customer or prospect.

Get in Touch to Get Started

Contact Onsite CRM now and move into the world of full-spectrum CRM and totally integrated verticals. Stop costly errors and wasteful jumping from one application to another. Let Onsite handle it all to save you money every day. After all, you deserve the very best!

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