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Complete CRM Solution for Call Centers

Onsite CRM is a comprehensive management system for Call Centers. Onsite CRM provides an unprecedented complete reporting, analysis, and management performance solution designed specifically for your Call Center.

Our products will provide your Call Center a robust inbound and outbound call center software designed specifically to provide personalized service and increase sales productivity by optimizing your agents live talk time. Onsite CRMs intelligent communication tools allows you to connect with your clients using our Turbo Dialer, Turbo Text, and email marketing.

Onsite CRMs system specifically designed for your company will automate your general business, marketing and sales processes. Additionally, the system will enable your Call Center Supervisors to analyze individual agent performance as well as your managers ability to view each of your campaign performances through detailed reports.


Onsite CRM has the power you need to handle every aspect of your Call Center. Our customer relationship management system leads the industry with everything you need to track leads, inquiries and clients. The system allows any professional in your network to step in and mark off completed deadlines and update activity lists if the original agent is unavailable because anybody in your operation can enter data about a client or workflow from any location. Information can be accessed by anyone as outlined by the security levels you set. This functionality keeps everyone on the same page and consistent.


Onsite CRM puts everything at your fingertips. With our system, managers are able to track calls and results of their employees. Onsite CRM for Call Centers brings everything together in a single neat, clean package, with all the information resources, programs, and tracking that anyone in your institution might need. This user-friendly, intuitive system lets everyone in the company get up and running quickly and easily without complicated manuals or training hassles.

The platform’s total integration allows you to track a client and get a snapshot of where they stand. You are able to track client statuses and access client information in an organized and efficient platform. Follow-up is automatic and can come in many forms including customizable email templates, SMS text messaging, and dialer capabilities. This is a great savings in time and money for your Call Center.

Hate data errors? Onsite CRM’s single point of data entry means that data only has to be handled once, reducing the chances that an error will be introduced into your important data. Studies have shown the less you have to handle it, the greater the integrity of your data will be.


A drip email campaign can be a great way to bring in prospective clients. Onsite CRM provides you with the best solution in the industry through a partnership with SMTP. You won’t find a more efficient email experience. SMTP is a first-rate company with more than 10 years of success at delivering emails; they always make sure that every single email gets where it needs to go. The company is publicly traded and is the epitome of the standard that all other email delivery services strive for. Their delivery record is unmatched in the industry and emails sent via SMTP reach more in- boxes than any other service. Therefore, you won’t be launching any more expensive campaigns only to have your emails end up flagged as SPAM.

Studies have shown this happens to 22% of business emails even when clients have requested information. You can now rest assured that your drip campaigns won’t go down the drain; your email will reach as many potential clients as possible when you send it using OnSite CRM.

Contact Onsite CRM now and leap ahead of the competition with user-friendly, fully-integrated verticals for your Call Center. It doesn’t matter if you have one location or hundreds – this platform will work for you! Stop costly data errors before they start and keep everyone on the same page and in the same application. Let Onsite CRM handle all your needs and simplify your life while improving your customer management and bumping up your customer acquisition, all while saving you money every day.

Please contact us by phone (888-391-9291) or web to get started today. You can also click on our Home Page icon above and request a Demo today!!

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