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A Revolutionary CRM for Business Loan Companies

Business Loan Companies work with various industries that seek funding for expanding a business, buying inventory, working capital, purchasing equipment, refinancing, and much more. An effective management system that can encompass the needs of all businesses as well as ensures a timely response and appropriate contacts is essential for organizing and securing business loans in a seamless process. Onsite CRM has launched its groundbreaking business loan Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for business loan companies. Onsite CRM is a total business solution for the financing and lending industry that is designed to serve the high demand that these companies require.

With Onsite CRM, lenders have the ability to run their entire business all under one roof, saving you time and money with the tools business loan companies need in a single system. Take advantage of this total integration and move beyond simple customer relationship management. Step into a package that seamlessly combines customer contact with all the forms you need for your business loan company. Bank statement validation services, credit report services, phone system integration, and much more are all integrated into one easy-to-use system with Onsite CRM. Move ahead of the competition with Onsite CRM Lead Controller. Providing automated, guided selling, lenders and brokers will be able to attract and retain those looking for a business loan. 

Onsite CRM enterprise-wide software is a customizable software solution that keeps track of everything in one place: mailing, forms received, items sent, intake appointments, payments, as well as several other features. Onsite CRM also simplifies the process of collecting loan documents, emailing loan status updates, loan servicing, loan accounting, and more. Onsite CRM can be customized for your system and anything else you may require. You won’t believe how easy it is to manage your business with this great package! 

A Powerful CRM System

Onsite CRM has the power you need to handle every aspect of your business. Our customer relationship management system provides tools for business loan companies to stay on top of their most important customer relationships. This system provides tools for increasing collaboration, tracking interactions and managing productivity across multiple office locations if needed. This means that anybody in your operation can enter data about a client or other contact, and as soon as the information has been input everybody has access to it. Instill confidence in your contacts, because confidence is everything.

A Seamless System

The Onsite CRM system was built on a foundation that entertains any businesses work flow management needs with the ability to customize functionality to fit your business model. Onsite CRM brings everything together in a single neat, clean package. Everyone in your business loan company will love this user-friendly, intuitive system because the entire group can be up and running very quickly, with no need for lengthy training sessions or complicated user manuals.

In addition to the basic CRM functions already discussed, Onsite CRM’s total system integration allows you to deliver fast credit decisions with streamlined application, approval, and closing processes. You can learn the current status, credit report, and other essential information needed to secure a business loan. The platform allows you to easily identify all accounts that need to be escalated for any reason. A single point of data entry also reduces the number of opportunities for errors in your data, saving you time and money with the increased accuracy.

Drip Email Campaigns

Convert more prospects faster by sending targeted recurring email campaigns. To bring you the best possible results, Onsite CRM has partnered with SMTP, a first-rate company with more than 10 years of success at delivering emails, always making sure each email gets where it needs to go and doesn’t get lost along the way. SMTP is publicly traded and is the epitome of the standard that all other email delivery services strive for. The company reaches more in-boxes than anyone else in the industry, and we bring this outstanding track record to you to benefit you and your educational institution.

As far as your bottom line goes, using Onsite CRM and SMTP together means no more wasting money on emails that end up as SPAM. Research has proven that 22% of business emails of any type never actually make it to the client, and this figure includes emails to potential businesses, borrowers, and referral sources. With SMTP you get the highest rate of deliverability in the industry, so your drip campaigns and responses don’t go down the drain. When you work with Onsite CRM your message is delivered, not lost.

Get in Touch

Contact Onsite CRM now to make the leap into the world of complete enterprise CRM with fully-integrated verticals for your business loan institution. Prevent the introduction of costly data errors caused by the need to re-enter data into multiple applications and keep your team all on one page. Use Onsite CRM to handle it all. You’ll save money every day with this easy-to-use, total package that puts you miles ahead of the competition and beefs up your bottom line. Try it now: you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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